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Daisy is an actress who, before meeting her demise on the set of Gone with the Wind, was better known for her off-screen sexual exploits than for her on-screen performances. Daisy hasn't given up hope of a comeback in the afterlife, although she hasn't heard from her agent in decades.

An actress with a taste for quirky, character-driven material, Laura Harris began acting in radio dramas and animation series at the age of five in her native Canada.

Harris was recently seen as "Marie Warner" in Fox's critically acclaimed drama "24." Other television credits include the voice of "Bright Eyes" on the long-running animated series "My Little Pony" and four seasons of Nickelodeon's "Fifteen" with Ryan Reynolds.

On the big screen, Harris appeared in "A Mighty Wind" and will also star in "Going Greek," an outrageous comedy written and directed by Justin Zackham. Other film credits include "The Faculty" alongside Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett, "Just The Ticket" with Andy Garcia and Andy Macdowell, "The Highwayman" with Jason Priestley, "Suicide Kings" with Christopher Walken, Jeremy Sisto and Johnny Galecki, the cult festival hit "Kitchen Party" with Scott Speedman and Tygh Runyan and "The Manor" with Peter O'Toole and Greta Scaachi.

An ongoing project for Harris is the production company Rocket Chicken International Pictures, which she owns with writer/director Jeff Macpherson. They recently completed their first feature "Come Together," a dark romantic comedy starring Tygh Runyan and newcomer Eryn Collins. The feature marks Harris' producing debut.

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